Why Dance? The Pastor’s Perspective

“…and there is a time to dance.” (Ecc. 3:4)

When I was a Youth Pastor I took as many of the dads as I could get to go with me to see Footloose. The reason I wanted them to see this movie was because of the relationship angle between the pastor and his daughter, and also because the reason the movie spoke so strongly to me was all about the dance. I grew up in a religious culture where dance was taboo. At least it was taboo if you had actually put some effort into planning it and work into getting it right.

Clearly the Bible not only says that there is a time to dance it also gives examples of such times. Miriam led the women in dance to celebrate God's victory at the Red Sea. David danced before the Lord to celebrate the ark coming to Jerusalem. Psalm 149 authorizes dancing to praise the Lord. Jeremiah 31:13 prophesies a day when even the young and old men will dance. (Yes, the “Weeping” Prophet brought this in the same chapter where the New Covenant is announced.) There is biblical underpinning for dance. There is also much cultural underpinning for dance. Virtually all so called “primitive” cultures (meaning those that are closer to the Garden than we are) celebrate with dance AND while the beauty of the dance is usually best expressed through the ladies it is when the men start to dance that things really break loose in the spirit.

At Springhouse Worship & Arts Center we encourage everyone to dance. You don't have to. You won't be looked down on if you don't. But we are going to dance. We are living in the day of the New Covenant and my Bible says to love the Lord with all your “strength.” When the men get up and give themselves to this form of worship it may not be very elegant, but things break loose in the spirit. As long as He gives me strength I'm going to be doing that David thing before the Lord. I guess that makes me a part of fulfilled prophecy!

Ronnie Meek
Lead Pastor