If you live in Smyrna, TN or the greater Nashville area, we'd love to worship with you. You can join us for weekly church services Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 AM as well as Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. You can also connect with us virtually using our podcast or Sunday Livestream or download and catch up.

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Live Sermon Streaming

Our live streaming begins Sundays at 10:45 A.M. Central Time every Sunday. If you're part of Springhouse and are traveling, we'd love it if you would also find a local congregation to worship with. We never know where and how God will speak to us.
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Blue Collar Workers

If parables sometimes confuse you, Pastor Alan Smith reminds you that you're not alone. And one of the parables that most upsets our sense of fairness is the parable of the Vineyard Laborers. Listen to discover the key to understanding the parable and how it speaks to God's goodness.

Resurrection Day

On the day that we celebrate Christ's resurrection, Pastor Ronnie Meek shares the truth about resurrection and historical evidence pointing to the veracity of Scripture. Listen to discover what (or who) Jesus wants.

Inspection Week

As we begin Holy Week, Pastor Ronnie focuses on an important, but often overlooked part of the week. Listen to discover why it was important that Jesus arrived to Jerusalem and answered questions from political leaders, religious leaders, and those seeking Truth.

Here Comes the King

Some would tell us that the story of Mary anointing Jesus' feet indicates that we don't need to care for the poor. However, you'll discover as you listen to Pastor Ronnie Meek that this assessment is quite untrue and misses the true point of the story and doesn't even scratch the surface of how we can choose the best.

No Turning Back

Reading the Bible and looking back at history, it can be easy to think that Jesus was caught up in some conspiracy. However, as Justin Beshearse reminds us, He knowingly returned to Jerusalem to fulfill Scripture. Listen to discover what that means for us.

Little Becomes Big

One of the great surprises in God's Kingdom is what's important to Him. Pastor Ronnie shares how what the world is obsessed with is different from God's priorities and how God uses the small to overcome the great.

Come To The Party

Did you know that as citizens of God's Kingdom, we're invited to the party? Listen as Pastor Kevin O'Dea shares the one questions we must answer, who's invited, who misses out, and who it's really all about.

It’s A Secret

In the midst of all the discussion and argument in the world, Pastor Ronnie Meek reminds us that it's fundamentally a question about something else. Discover the real struggle and the Gospel we often forget. Scriptures Referenced Genesis 3:5, 11:4-7; 1...

Smart Girls (and Guys)

Pastor Barbie Loflin shares how consistent vision and expectancy lead to wise living. Listen to hear how the idea of preparing for marriage also points to expectantly waiting for Christ.

Facts in Five

After a year of transition, our pastors each take five minutes to share what God is doing and what they're expecting to see in the next weeks and years. Listen to be encouraged and inspired.

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