If you live in Smyrna, TN or the greater Nashville area, we'd love to worship with you. You can join us for weekly church services Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 AM as well as Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. You can also connect with us virtually using our podcast or Sunday Livestream or download and catch up.

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Live Sermon Streaming

Our live streaming begins Sundays at 10:45 A.M. Central Time every Sunday. If you're part of Springhouse and are traveling, we'd love it if you would also find a local congregation to worship with. We never know where and how God will speak to us.
 Phone: 615-459-3421

Address: 14119 Old Nashville Highway Smyrna, TN 37167


A Time to Scatter / A Time to Gather

It's incredible what we can find in God's Word if we'll spend a little time there. Listen as Pastor Ronnie shares some key truths about scattering and gathering. You'll be encouraged and challenged.

A Time to Weep / A Time to Laugh

For many of us, weeping is difficult to understand and when we, or others, are grieving, it's hard for us to know what to do. Listen as Pastor Ronnie shares from his experiences of both weeping and laughing.

A Time to Mourn / A Time to Dance

One thing our culture struggles to understand is mourning. Listen as Pastor Alan shares 3 keys of mourning and how God can move us into the time for dancing.

A Time to Tear Down / A Time to Build Up

It's easy to quickly read a passage of Scripture and miss the full gravity of what it means. This week, Pastor Barbie shares how understanding the times to tear down and build up are critical for our growth and maturity in Christ.

A Time to Plant / A Time to Uproot

Listen as Mike Priebe shares about being submitted to God's sovereign timing, being aware of what season we are in, and how that leads to fruitfulness.

A Time to Live / A Time to Die

Listen as Justin Beshearse shares two ways to look at one thing that often controls our lives. Discover why a good death is necessary for a good life.


How much confusion do we find because we don't understand seasons in our spiritual journeys? Listen as Pastor Ronnie shares four key truths and how God is always at work.

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Wrapping up our series on how we fight our battles, Pastor Ronnie reminds us of four key truths from the series and then shares what it really means to believe that the belongs to the Lord.

The Greatest Warrior

We are surrounded by everyday warriors. They may not look like warriors but they are. However, Jesus is the greatest warrior. Listen to discover 4 ways that Jesus is a superior warrior and what that means for us.