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Connie Marie Hutchison, Curator

Current Exhibit


Is honored and excited to present
three talented artists!

This collection of work includes: The Oil and Pastel work of James E. Whitehurst, Charcoal and Graphite Drawings, Watercolor and Lithograph Print by Amanda Gilliland, along with Photography by Matthew Gilliland.

This work will remain on display from April through July 2018.


“My philosophy about art is fairly simple – put down what you see and feel, as fast as you can, and pray that you pull it off. A ratio of one out of ten is not bad.”

James E. Whitehurst is a painter living in Hendersonville, TN.

After earning a Associates in Art Degree from Vol State, and receiving the Departmental Art Award, James later completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree from MTSU.

“I have found that age in art, makes no difference. You are always trying to get better. Henri Matisse was sick in bed doing paper cut outs. He was in his eighties. Renoir was almost eighty and had to have his brushes tied to his hands. Degas turned to sculpture after going blind in his eighties. This tells me to never give up. I will turn eighty-five this October!

Matthew and Amanda Gilliland

are a husband and wife team!

Matthew Gilliland’s photography clearly shows his passion for nature and the great outdoors. His landscapes speak powerfully to the diverse and delicate intricacies of the natural world that surround us. Matthew’s work graciously allows the viewer a glimpse into the rarely seen moment of the wildlife community, along with remote and rugged terrain that most of us could never otherwise experience. His dynamic compositions transport us to peaceful places of solitude.

Amanda Gilliland is a talented working artist, who has the ability to work in a variety of mediums. In this display, she shares her beautifully captured, uninhibited and loosely sketched portraits of friends and family. Amanda is able to capture the personality of her models with a simplicity of stroke and composition using graphite, charcoal, pastel and watercolor. Her work exudes a fearless approach to whatever she tries.

Brackman and Browning

The Gallery @ Springhouse had the privilege of displaying the work of artist Karen Brackman and Lisa Marie Browning during the first few months of 2018.

Trees by Karen Brackman

Trees by Karen Brackman

Karen Brackman

The unique work of Karen Brackman, consisting of many landscapes and other images, were created with the use of multiple mediums, including: acrylic paint, pen and ink, pastels, powdered paint, woodburning, conte’ pencils, and other mediums. Her work is done on a variety surfaces, which included: linen, paper, cork, art board, burlap, cedar board, blue denim, and canvas. Karen is an active artist and is always experimenting and trying new things. She also continues to teach art classes at a variety of venues. We were honored to present her work at Springhouse.

Image by Lisa Marie Browning

Image by Lisa Marie Browning

Lisa Marie Browning

The colorful and symbolic work of Lisa Marie Browning, expresses the deep thoughtfulness of her contemplations and study of the scriptures. Lisa Marie works with acrylics on birch wood and canvas. As an active artist, Lisa Marie will continue to share the truths of the scriptures through the imagery of her paintings and writings. It was a privilege for Springhouse to display this body of work.

Four Local Working Artists

The Gallery at Springhouse was proud to present

the visual artwork of four very talented local working artists

August 23th through November 30th, 2017

Jessica Maraschiello, Brandon Thomason, Sydney Ellison and Micha Ramey

Artist Jessica Maraschiello

“Deeply intrigued by psychology and the subconscious, especially where art and psychology overlap, my work is extremely process-based. Having the mind of an introvert, but the heart of an expressionist, means many of my busy, chaotic compositions are restrained by elements of order. This is a visual depiction of inner turmoil I often experience. The line or form placed on top of expressive, gestural, and spontaneous marks signifies my self-awareness and discomfort. My process of art making utilizes intuition and self-expression. Abstract compositions come together like puzzle pieces, and I must be present in the moment to be effective. My work centers around themes of identity and relationships, and the psychology behind them.”

“Acrylic paint on canvas or board allows me to layer quickly, creating depth and lots of texture. My surfaces are built by piling on paint, and then sanding away areas. I paint many layers with only the vaguest idea of an end result. My approach to art making is an organic one, in which the final design is an emergent phenomena of the micro-decisions that comprise it.”

Micah Ramey

“When you ask someone what home means to them, you hear answers such as: family, safety, memory, nostalgia, love, etc. We find the answer to this question to be subjective and dependent on our personal experiences. When our sense of belonging is questioned or threatened, by choice or involuntarily, we as humans have the ability to adapt and redefine. It is in my interest to paint this period of questioning, displacement, and this inexorable identity struggle.”

“The subjects in my work are all individuals who have shared the experience of having to redefine home. The realism of the figures juxtaposed with abstraction of their environment communicates uncertainty of place and affirms the subjects in their humanity or present state. The process of painting is imperative, as it preserves these stories and places the subjects at the forefront of hierarchy in the fine art world.”

Sydney Ellison

“My dream is to travel the world and to paint what I have seen. I communicate the beauty of this world with loose brushstrokes. I am inspired by the mystery that this world has to offer. These paintings are about my longing to learn more about God and to focus on the good, even in the midst of the hardships around us.”

“Most of my artwork comes from the photographs I have taken while traveling. My subjects have come from places such as Iceland, Uganda, El Salvador and Poland. The subjects I am most drawn to are landscapes, animals and portraits. While I try to stay close to the original image, I love using bold colors and thick brushstrokes in my work.”

“I work with oil on canvas mostly, but I also work with watercolor and printmaking. Using a variety of mediums keeps me experimenting and exploring new possibilities for future work.”

Brandon Thomason

“In painting I seek to explore the tension between constraint and spontaneity.  Layered paint produces texture, which is reminiscent of geological strata.  In an attempt to catch my work in a moment of metamorphosis, I often chose one, of many, iterations which I might have felt were complete.  Each painting is in fact several paintings with former layers informing the ones above.  In this way the organic and seemingly chaotic process is brought to heel by the act of choosing to stop.”

The Gallery @ Springhouse is so pleased to present the visual artwork of four very talented local working artists; Jessica Maraschiello, Brandon Thomason, Sydney Ellison and Micha Ramey. From the dynamic and bold complication of geometric compositions, the serenity of impressionism and total abstractions, to the intricate details of photo realism, this display of work is sure to strike the interest of everyone who has the opportunity to take a few moments to enjoy.

This work will hang from August 23 through the end of November 2017. Most of this work is available for sale. The artist receives the full amount of sale, as our efforts are entirely volunteer. If you are interested in a purchase, please inquire at the Welcome Center. Thank you for your interest in the visual arts.

Four Individual Smyrna Artists

The Gallery at Springhouse Presents

Four Individual Smyrna Artists

August 14th through October 14th

Holly Carden is a talented and highly skilled Smyrna-based Artist specializing in high detail, hand-drawn illustration. A graduate of Watkins College of Art Design and Film in Nashville, Holly works in a variety of mediums including graphite, ink, watercolor and printmaking, which are featured in this display. To see more recent work, sketchbook pages, and blog posts describing the process of making some of her drawings, visit

Jim Pfeffer is also a talented Graphic Artist whose work definitely appeals to any automobile enthusiast. Each composition is researched for history and authenticity. Jim’s choice of medium is pen and ink and watercolor, some of which has been featured in the “International Contemporary Artist” publication. He also enjoys creating digital compositions. To see more of his work you can go to:

Suzanne LeBeau and Phyllis Razo are active and productive painters. They are both participants in the Murfreesboro Art League and the Smyrna Art Co-op. Their displays at Springhouse show a variety of work in watercolor and oil. To view more of Suzanne's work, go to To contact Phyllis you may email her at

Artists displaying work in The Gallery @ Springhouse may choose to sell pieces shown. Because The Gallery is a volunteer effort, Artists receive the full amount of sale. Prices are shown on the information tag near each piece.

Please see Connie or Wade Hutchison to purchase work, or leave your contact information at the Welcome Desk in The Gallery, and we will get back to you asap.

What's the Big Picture

International Photo Series by Joshua MacLeod

What is the Big Picture?

International Photography Series

By Joshua MacLeod

You have never seen a gallery exhibit like this one! Twelve five-foot by four-foot color photographs fill the gallery and entry hall with an awe-inspiring excitement. These photos were taken by international photographer, Joshua MacLeod, during his global missions travels. Please enjoy the exhibit while it remains on display April 2nd through June 30th, 2016.

Please Join Us!

The Gallery @ Springhouse will host a reception Saturday, May 7th from 7:00 until 9:00 pm. Come and meet Joshua, as he tells the stories behind the photos. We hope you will enjoy this evening of live music and great conversation.

Smaller size photos are available for purchase by going to Josh’s website:





Contemporary Art Collection

from Middle Tennessee State University

Contemporary Art Collection

from Middle Tennessee State University

BFA Students and Alumni:

Holly Baguette
Kyle Baker
Sierra Dohanos
Jessica Maraschiello
Micah Ramey

This is a unique opportunity for us to have a glimpse into the exciting experimental realm of artists in training. You will see oil on canvas and masonite board, several techniques of printmaking and graphite drawing on paper.

We hope you will enjoy these works while they are on display February through March 2016. Most of the work is for sale, and since our gallery is completely a volunteer project, artists receive the full amount of sale.

All work must remain hanging until the display is taken down at the end of March, but purchased art will be marked as sold. If you wish to purchase art, please see someone at the Springhouse Welcome Center

ConnieMarie, gallery curator

Murfreesboro Art League

THE GALLERY @ Springhouse had the honor of presenting the talented art work of four Visual Artists representing the Murfreesboro Art League through the months of December 2015 and January 2016.

The collection included works in OIL, PASTEL, PEN AND INK AND WATERCOLOR. We extend Great Thanks to the Murfreesboro Art League and to the Artists that participated:

Mark Jackson Phyllis Razo
Claire Justine Smith
Gayle Levee

ConnieMarie, gallery curator

Ken White

The Gallery @ Springhouse had the honor of presenting the esteemed work of Artist Ken White Through the months of October and November 2015.

The ten large oil paintings that filled the gallery exuded his gentle, peaceful spirit through the organic, loosely painted images of nature.




Sandi Accousti

About the Artist

Sandi Accuosti is a flight attendant and photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee. Blessed to have much of the world as her subject matter, she combines her international layovers with her passion for photography, resulting in images that touch your emotions and lift your spirit.

Her expanding collection, entitled, “The World In Black And White,” has been seen in numerous exhibits, art festivals, and private collections across the United States. A sample of her work may be seen at,

May what you see be a reminder to you that God is the Artist and His art surrounds us…and includes us!

We are the clay, and You are the potter; and all of us are the work of Your hand.  (Isaiah 64:8)

The World In Black And White .com