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First things first – WHY get plugged in at Springhouse?

When Jesus said “follow me” he wasn't talking about sitting, he was talking about walking towards him in tangible ways. When we get involved at church, it accomplished several things in our lives:

  1. It helps us grow. Growing closer to God and improving our lives is not automatic. God uses the people we are around to help us know him better, and know ourselves better!
  2. It helps them grow. When we are part of a group or a team, our being there helps others grow. There is always someone that can benefit from our experiences with God and in life!

Plug In – Serve On A Team

Worship One – Serve One At Springhouse we  have created a “Worship One – Serve One” opportunity. When you serve in a ministry on Sunday at Springhouse, our two service format allows you to attend one worship service, and serve during the other worship service. This way you never miss an opportunity to worship and keep up with everything going on at Springhouse!

Core Values of Serving:

  • Love for God – maintaining a life of intimate, whole-hearted commitment to God and His Word.
  • Love for People – expressing the fullness of God’s love to the world around us.
  • Excellence – Living by Godly principles of stewardship and excellence in our work ethic attitude.
  • Attitude – Living, leading and loving with passion and joy.

Serving Opportunities 

Check out this list of serving opportunities below!

Media Ministry Team

The purpose of our Media team is to create an environment for people to be able to come and have a dynamic encounter with God. If you are interested in being a part of creating incredible experiences, this is the ministry for you! Sound, lights, video production, live stream, and camera operation are all part of this team. We are committed to serving the congregation and facilitating an excellent worship experience.  If you are interested in being a part of creating incredible experiences, this is the ministry for you! If interested in getting involved send an email to Jonathan Beaty by clicking here!

Web Team

Are you technology minded? Are you always interested in the latest technology and love learning more about technology and the Internet? If that's you and you would like to be part of a team that is taking Springhouse to the next level, this team maybe right for you! The Web Team at Springhouse uses the Internet and Social Media to support ministries and introduce new people in the community to the Springhouse. If you're interested in getting involved send an email to Bryan Entzminger by clicking here!

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