If you live in Smyrna, TN or the greater Nashville area, we'd love to worship with you. You can join us for weekly church services Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 AM as well as Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. You can also connect with us virtually using our podcast or Sunday Livestream or download and catch up.

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Live Sermon Streaming

Our live streaming begins Sundays at 10:45 A.M. Central Time every Sunday. If you're part of Springhouse and are traveling, we'd love it if you would also find a local congregation to worship with. We never know where and how God will speak to us.
 Phone: 615-459-3421

Address: 14119 Old Nashville Highway Smyrna, TN 37167


God of Eternity

Overwhelmed and unsure what to do about war, hatred, inequality, and economic degradation? Take heart! As Pastor Ronnie shares, the amazing God of Eternity has a plan – and it's a good one.

God of Today #nofilter

The filters we use and the masks we wear don't fool anybody and they can make it harder for us to receive God's grace. Listen to hear Pastor Kevin O'Dea share the value of being transparent with ourselves, God, and each other.

God of Yesterday

We serve an amazing and miraculous God but He doesn't do miracles to amuse us. Listen to discover the key to seeing a miracle and uncover evidence supporting miracles from the Bible. –

Omnipresent God

You may have heard that Jesus was abandoned on the cross. But as Pastor Ronnie shares, if God is everywhere, He's there for every atrocity, tear, shame, and injustice. Listen to discover what that means for you.

Omnipotent God

We've heard that God is all powerful. But how does that shape what we can do? Listen as Pastor Ronnie shares about what we can trust God with and one thing that God can't do. –

Omniscient God

In this powerful message, Pastor Barbie Loflin shares a little about what it means that God is all-knowing, why that can be either comforting or terrifying, and why it's an important part of avoiding evil.

God of Wonders

We serve a wonderful, inexplicable God who does amazing things. Pastor Ronnie shares the power of allowing God to be God and the danger of chasing the “wonders” rather than loving God. –

Change My Way of Living

Finishing up the series on Transition, Pastor Ronnie recaps some key points from the previous weeks and then shares 5 of our REAL enemies in Kingdom living.

Change My Way of Giving

Pastor Ronnie Meek shares how giving sets us free. Listen to discover the difference between learning and discipleship and to be encouraged in your faith. –

Change My Way of Thinking

Pastor Ronnie Meek talks about how the lost art of thinking impacts the renewing of our minds. Listen, think deeply, and let God change your way of thinking.

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