If you live in Smyrna, TN or the greater Nashville area, we'd love to worship with you. You can join us for weekly church services Sundays at 9:00 and 10:45 AM as well as Wednesdays at 6:30 PM. You can also connect with us virtually using our podcast or Sunday Livestream or download and catch up.

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Live Sermon Streaming

Our live streaming begins Sundays at 10:45 A.M. Central Time every Sunday. If you're part of Springhouse and are traveling, we'd love it if you would also find a local congregation to worship with. We never know where and how God will speak to us.
 Phone: 615-459-3421

Address: 14119 Old Nashville Highway Smyrna, TN 37167



Sometimes it's easy to forget that our lives have seasons – and if we remember, to always be looking to the seasons past or to come with longing. But as Pastor Ronnie Meek reminds us, it's important to embrace the season God has us in now.

Special Speaker: Cleopas Chitapa

Pastor Cleopas Chitapa visits and shares his heart for what motivates our devotion to Christ. Listen to discover the one real issue of the Gospel and what compels us. Scriptures Referenced Matthew 22:34—35 [text-blocks id="sermon-resources"...

Get Out of the Boat

Wondering what God has in store for you? Listen as Pastor Ronnie Meek debunks a popular American myth and shares the truth about where to find meaning and what that could mean for your life.

Hearing from God Testimonies

God can speak to YOU! Listen as three people share stories of the various ways God spoke to them. Be encouraged by what God has done and inspired to pursue Him more. –

The Supernatural: Dreams & Visions

Pastor Barbie Loflin shares poignant stories showing how God uses dreams and visions in four specific ways. Listen to discover two keys to keep in mind.

Hearing God Through His Word

In learning to hear from God, it's important to remember that He often speaks through the Bible. But as Mike Priebe reminds us, just listening isn't enough. We must also DO what God says.

The Supernatural: Prophecy

If you fear that prophecy is only for “the elite” or must be accepted without question, you'll want to hear this message from Pastor Ronnie Meek. Listen to discover what's more important than an audible word from God.


Pastor Kevin O'Dea discusses the value of counsel in our lives. Listen to discover the four kinds of counsel and what to consider before allowing someone to speak into your life.

Does God Still Speak?

Many people wonder if God still speaks. Listen as Pastor Ronnie Meek shares three key questions we should ask ourselves about God speaking.

Small Groups

Have you ever wondered if there's a Biblical foundation for small groups? Listen as Pastor Ronnie Meek shares three key figures from the Bible who all had small group experiences.

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