Becoming a Member

Springhouse Worship & Arts Center receives into membership anyone who has accepted Christ Jesus as their personal Savior; who has confessed with their mouth and believed in their heart that He is the Son of God, and who attends four classes discussing what we believe.

Benefits of Membership

Sense of Belonging

Membership at Springhouse Worship & Arts Center is a conscious choice to identify with and become part of this church family.

Finding your Voice

Church members are given a clear voice and vote at all congregational / business meetings in accordance with the Springhouse Worship & Arts Center bylaws. Note: Non-members are welcome to freely participate in all congregational meetings, but only members can vote.

Deeper Levels of Relationship

By actively identifying with your church, you enter into new meaningful relationships you would not experience if you stay on the fringe of our church family.

A Heart to Serve

Your loving service within a church family will have eternal significance in your life and the lives of others. You will also experience the joy and reward of being part of what God is doing with and through His Body, the church.


By becoming a member of a church, you are committing yourself to a personal path of spiritual growth, Christian maturity and Godly service. Through the relationships you choose to build, you will become more accountable to others in your spiritual journey.

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Membership Expectations

    These classes are held in April and October of each year, on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and aredesigned to let you know what we believe and why we believe it. Three sessions will explore our Seven Statements of Faith, while the fourth will share a bit of Springhouse history.
    Following the four sessions explaining our beliefs, you will be asked to sign a card which states:

    1. You have made a genuine confession of your faith in Christ. (John 3:3; Romans 10:9).
    2. You agree with the By-laws of the Church and will submit to its spiritual leadership. (Hebrews13:17)
    3. You are willing to contribute to the Church spiritually, financially, and physically. (Malachi 3:10-11; Proverbs 3:9-10; Luke 6:38).
    4. You are in full agreement with the Statements of Faith as set forth in the By-laws. (Amos 3:3)
    5. You will be faithful in attendance at Church services. (Hebrews 10:25)
    Having completed these steps in full, you are considered a member of Springhouse. New Members will be recognized in the church bulletin the first Sunday of each month.

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